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Fish News Newsletter: Issue No. 002

February 2020

Hi Friend.

It's February. The days are getting longer and our processing building is progressing! 

We are excited to share updates on the project along with a few other highlights.

Plymouth Springs Fish Co.   

Processing, Smoking, and Retail Site Progress Update

Plymouth, Wisconsin

February is a big month of progress on our processing facility and smoker building. We are already beyond what the photos show below (for those that drive by on a regular basis). 

The processing room floors have been resurfaced, plumbing and electrical are expanded for the additional sinks, hoses and equipment, and the floors are prepared for both the walk-in cooler and the walk-in freezer. 

The smoker building is now encased with walls and a roof, and the floor has been poured. 

The retail space will be the final area to be designed and constructed. 

We are on track to begin processing fish in the first quarter and to open the retail space in the second quarter of 2020.

Our new site will be located at 633 Eastern Avenue, Plymouth, WI 53073.


Ice Rescue Training at Driftless Trout Farm

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Earlier in February we were happy to host ice rescue training at our Driftless Trout ponds. Only one of our ponds is currently home to our fish, with that, we had an iced-over pond available for training.

Fire Departments from Plymouth, Town of Sheboygan Falls, and Belgium trained together in the ice rescue technician course. 

Plymouth Review will publish an article about the collaboration on Friday, February 14, 2020.


Driftless Trout Ponds and Floating Raceways

Spring Valley, Minnesota

"Big news! The Spring Valley Ponds are officially live. After 4 years of rehabilitation, we're proud to bring this farm back to life."

Check out Zach's tour of the ponds and the introduction to the in-pond, floating raceways.

Click here to watch the video.

Construction Behind the Construction: Building Infrastructure

We are excited to be working with Glenn Theisenhusen and Peggi Theisenhusen of Blue Moon Studio. We are really lucky to have this big city talent in Sheboygan. 

We are working with several great organizations to help us rebuild our website, create marketing and education materials, and provide photographs of our spring-fed ponds, rainbow trout, and our team people. 

We looking forward to sharing our story and taking our e-commerce business to another level in 2020.

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