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Opening Spring 2020: Processing, Smoking, and Retail Site in Progress in Plymouth, Wisconsin

In the Fall of 2019, Plymouth Springs Fish Co. began the journey of expanding our processing and smoking capabilities. After looking at several sites in the area, we are happy to be located in the heart of Plymouth, Wisconsin. Upon completion, the > 3,000 square foot space will increase capacity for the processing and smoking of the rainbow trout we raise and allow us to offer our processing and smoking services to other aquaculture businesses such as Superior Fresh and their Atlantic Salmon. 

An unexpected and fun twist is the retail requirement based on the location of our building in downtown Plymouth. With that, we are excited to open a retail space to sell our products and other great products in the near future. 

We are on track to begin processing fish in the first quarter and to open the retail space in the second quarter of 2020.

Our new site will be located at 633 Eastern Avenue, Plymouth, WI 53073.

Exterior Paint Sketch by Lauren Adel Klich (

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