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Apparently Trout Jerky is a thing. And it's amazing.

It's been awhile but we have been busy. Our team has grown and so have our skills. We are going to begin highlighting team members and give you a chance to see what they have added to our company after coming on board.

Today we introduce Josh Rassel


Since the day we met Josh (chef from one of our favorite restaurants in Elkhart Lake, WI the Paddock Club), we knew we wanted to work with him. His passion for seafood and combining incredible flavors that blow your mind was just what we needed in our smoke house. I should also mention that he is a wizard when it comes to curing and smoking meat and fish. Of all the 'next level' stuff that began coming out of our market, trout jerky was born and it's, well, next level.

Josh begins by taking a fresh Driftless Rainbow Trout and removing all of the bones and skin. He cuts the loins into nice strips. From here, he cures it for over a day in just the right amount of salt and brown sugar and places in the walk-in cooler. Then he lays the strips on our racks to be dried and hot smoked with a special blend of apple wood and hickory wood chips. These cured and smoked strips get broken into perfect bite-sized pieces and vacuum sealed in small snack packs ready for hiking, biking, road trips or just enjoying a nice cold beer. 

The result is sweet but salty mix between jerky and a beef stick only it's a healthy piece of fish! High in Omega 3's without nitrates and only three ingredients (fish, salt, and brown sugar).  It's a nice snack that will satiate without the guilt of most snacks. While we keep them refrigerated, these packs will last a couple of days in your backpack or car without going bad. The way we cure the fish is similar to how fish was cured prior to refrigeration to preserve it. One of my favorite things to do is offer this to someone that simply does not like fish. If I can get them to taste it they admit, "it's not bad".


I hope you get a chance to try this new product. The first 50 people to email me will get a free pack mailed to them!

I look forward to sharing more about our team in the weeks to come.









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