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About Us



Combining his passion for fly fishing, entrepreneurship and healthy food, our founder Grant Johnson discovered a farm for sale in Plymouth, Wisconsin. For over 100 years, this small farm had utilized a massive natural spring to raise healthy delicious Rainbow Trout. The plan was to grow these beautiful fish and sell them to consumers that cared about where their fish came from and how it was raised, harvested, processed and packaged. 

After many trips to visit the farm and learn from veteran trout farmers in the region, Grant and his wife Molly purchased the farm with the hopes of expanding to other spring sources in the region to raise more premium fish in small batches.



At roughly the same time, a company was forming just west of the Mississippi in Rushford, Minnesota. Zach Lind had started a company called Driftless Fish and was quickly building incredible demand for his fish from the best restaurants in the Twin Cities. Unbeknownst to us, Driftless Trout was utilizing the same quality spring water and producing the same amazing Rainbow Trout as we were. In December of 2019, Plymouth Springs Fish Co. acquired Driftless Fish and focused on finding a home to process and smoke the fish. 

Plymouth, Wisconsin has a rich history in processing and packaging of quality foods. With its proximity to Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, Plymouth became the natural home for processing, smoking and packaging Driftless Rainbow Trout. Today, Driftless Trout continues to be at the center of what we do. As the premier fish smokehouse of the midwest, Plymouth Springs Fish Co. is the sole processor for Driftless Trout.

As our love for fish and seafood evolved, we launched our seafood market in June of 2020 out of the same building where we process and smoke the Driftless Trout. Plymouth Springs Fish Co. began sourcing other amazing seafood products specifically focused on USA fisheries that harvest and process in the United States.

Today we offer the same fresh seafood options delivered directly to your home! With our ability to take our fresh market seafood and blast freeze, vacuum seal and ship to your door, you have the best trusted fish monger at your fingertips!